Sherwood Engine Cooling Pumps, Sherwood Impellers, and Raw Water Strainers

Sherwood has manufactured engine cooling pumps since the 1920s. Various models and designs have been used over the last 85 years. To identify and discover specific repair and replacement information about your raw water pump, a Sherwood listing by manufacturer and search engine can be used under Pumps on the left hand navigation.

While there may be many different raw water pump models, the number of Sherwood impellers is relatively small. Sherwood engine cooling pumps utilize about a dozen Sherwood rubber impellers, also known as the flexible impeller, which cover a wide range of flow requirements.

Additionally, Sherwood raw water strainers offer protection of the cooling pumps and other marine components such as live wells and air conditioning systems.

For information about new Sherwood raw water cooling pump solutions and original equipment manufacturer's inquiries, click here.

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